Pando: The journey to natural and eco-responsible well-being

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Pando : Le parcours vers le bien-être naturel et écoresponsable

Nature, an inexhaustible source of inspiration and wonders, offers a world teeming with plants, gardens and trees. Naturopathy, which emphasizes the therapeutic benefits derived from nature, gained notoriety in 2001. Pando, inspired by the richness and diversity of nature, was born with the aim of providing a healthier and more sustainable for future generations.

Scientific research has led to the creation of a bath salt that is soothing and beneficial for muscles and joints. This first product, rich in minerals and trace elements, is embellished with flower petals and essential oils with therapeutic properties. Building on this success, other products were developed, such as relaxing candles, soaps, foot care and creams.

Respect for the environment is at the heart of this approach, with recycled, BPA and lead-free packaging. Pure and fair trade essential oils, as well as organic, raw and unrefined oils and butters, are proof of this. The future of Pando looks bright, with many beneficial care projects for the well-being of the body and respect for nature.

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